My approach to counselling focuses on helping clients to identify the problem that is influencing their life, and then assist them to find the capacity and resources to take a stand against the problem. I see problems as not residing “in” people, but external to the person. This view often frees people to gain perspective and open them to possibilities about managing the problems that try to give them trouble. In the counselling field, this is termed a “narrative approach” to counselling, or Narrative Therapy. See the section “Narrative ideas” for a further explanation about Narrative Therapy.

I do not see myself as “the expert” with all the answers. Rather I see my role as a facilitator who can help people, through questioning, to find their own solutions and goals. Some clients need only a few counselling sessions to achieve these goals, while others may require much more. You are encouraged to discuss and ask questions concerning the timing or direction of counselling at any time. As a client you are in control and may end our counselling relationship at any point. I will be supportive of that decision. If counselling is successful, you should feel that you are able to confidently face life’s challenges in the future with the problem no longer dominating your life.

Please contact me to make an appointment at your convenience.