My approach to counselling focuses on helping clients to identify the problem that is influencing their life, and then assist them to find the capacity and resources to take a stand against the problem. I see problems as not residing “in” people, but external to the person. This view often frees people to gain perspective […]

Many of the concerns in our life involve other people. Whenever possible, I use a collaborative approach, involving partners, friends, and family members when appropriate. I see children, adolescents, adult men and women, and the elderly. The session format could include individuals, a couple, families, or children. When working with children, I incorporate art therapy, […]

Many of our problems are the result of social patterns. Using a Narrative Therapy approach we will discover together how social expectations and family patterns have influenced us and how we can access resources to resist those patterns and expectations. Is it me? It starts like this: a Problem enters and starts to influences our life. At this time we say, I wonder where that Anxiety is coming from? or Where did that Cynicism creep in? I wonder if I might have a problem with addiction to … Over time, the Problem can take root in our lives and we can start to think of the Problem being who we are! Now we think things like, I am an anxious person. Or Yes, I am so cynical! That’s just me! I can’t help it. Or I am an addict.

When we use Narrative thinking, the challenge is to unearth where the Problem crept in, and begin to separate the Problem from the person. You are not the same as your Problem. You are a person who is struggling with a Problem. So what to do? In Narrative Therapy, you will have a chance to explore your Problem, its history in your life, its entry points, its scheme to dominate your life and its weaknesses. The effect of society to reinforce your Problem will also be explored. The next step is to identify how you prefer to live your life free of the domination of the Problem. Your values, purposes, beliefs, hopes and dreams will be explored. What is the goal? Rather than being dominated by a Problem, you will be able to rewrite your history until you see yourself as a person of value who has indeed had a struggle with a problem, but that you are way more than your problem. Together we will begin to rewrite your story, and identify other people in your life who can support you in this preferred way of being.